India-European Union Negotiations

Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union. UK Flag and EU Flag. British Union Jack flag.

Post Brexit, India was happy to receive the Chief negotiator of European Union for India EU Broad Based Bilateral Trade & Investment Agreement (BTIA) negotiations. Chief Negotiators of India & European Union held a meeting today in New Delhi to discuss the status of the on-going negotiations for BTIA.

Since 2007, when the India-EU BTIA negotiations started, 16 rounds of negotiations have been held at the level of Chief Negotiators. The last round of negotiations was held in 2013 and thereafter negotiations had been suspended.

In todays meeting, negotiating positions were established on a few pillars that are critical components of BTIA . The language of Indian negotiations reflected the concerns of Indian industries in some sectors and expressed willingness to address outstanding issues as an integral part of the negotiations. India is committed to proceed with the negotiations with a hope to conclude the FTA as early as possible.

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