Kabali Fever: Companies give paid holiday to staff on July 22


Many start-up companies in the city and even in Bengaluru have declared a holiday on Friday. A frontrunner in this is a start-up called Fyndus who sent out a circular to its staff declaring an off on Friday. Other firms took a cue and provided not just an off on the day of the release but even arranged tickets for the staff. GoBumpr, a start-up and a one-stop app for bikes and cars pulled many strings to book tickets for its staff on the first day.
“We are all huge Rajini fans and have been planning this event, for days. We are not working on Friday as the entire team is going to a multiplex in Velachery for a show,” says Sundar Natesan, co-founder of the firm that has been modifying cars with Kabali stickers for customers. The Social People, a digital media marketing start-up, based out of Medavakkam will have their staff dressed up as iconic Rajini characters on Thursday, a day before Kabali’s release and will take Friday off.
“Our 35-member team is super excited about the Rajinikanth costume day. We will go live on Facebook on Thursday and organise contests. We tried to get tickets on the first day but that didn’t happen. So, we declared July 22 a holiday,” says Viral Thaker, from the company. Even outfits in Bengaluru are not far behind.
Manoj Pushparaj of Opus Waterproofing says, “Have you ever seen anyone concentrating at work during an India-Pakistan-match? We have die-hard Rajini fans in our office.  Instead of dealing with mass bunking, we declared a holiday. It was Kabali bonus for the staff.” Firms who couldn’t give a fullday off, compensated with halfday leaves.
Sabin Rodriguez, Cofounder of Go-to-Guy says, “We know the emotions surrounding a Rajinikanth release. So we allow our staff to go catch the film during the first half of the day.” Even production houses in Chennai are following suit. “We were very clear on spending the whole day of July 22, watching Rajini Sir’s Kabali,” said a statement from the team behind the film Balloon, starring Jai and Anjali.”
Source: dtnext
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