Turkey President declares state of emergency for three months across the country

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Istanbul: Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared a state of emergency across the country for three months because of last week’s bloody failed coup attempt, Wednesday in a live television broadcast.

After declaring this, he says – “This practice is absolutely not against democracy, rule of law and freedom – the opposite. It has the purposes of protecting and strengthening these values”

Erdoğan also assured that the Turkey government won’t impose any restrictions of personal freedom and people should have “no concerns”. Adding to this, “Turkey will never compromise on financial discipline”

The lira has been dropping ever since the coup attempt, which began on Friday night and left more than 260 people dead and 1,500 injured. The Turkish currency was trading at about 3.09 to the dollar, down from 2.85 last week. “We believe the polarization of Turkey’s political landscape has further eroded its institutional checks and balances,” the agency said.

The government has blamed a group within the military along with other state officials as being behind the coup. In his speech Erdoğan insisted the armed forces are now acting under the orders of the government.

The decision about the state of emergency will have to be posted in the Gazette, the government’s publication of record, before it can officially take effect. After this, it will be sent to parliament for review. The AKP, founded by Erdoğan, has the power to amend the state of emergency, and it can be renewed at a later date.

The last state of emergency in Turkey was lifted in 2002 in two provinces where it remained in force after having been in place in various areas of the south-east for 15 years.


Source: Firstpost.com


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