EXCLUSIVE: Full video of Kirkuk police catching & defusing juvenile suicide bomber in Iraq

Image Credits: Youtube/ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ALDEBARAN

Kirkuk police caught a young boy on Sunday night wearing a suicide vest and trying to blow it up inside a Shiite Husseiniya mosque.

As seen in the video below, two police officers hold the boy’s arms and wait for more than 20 minutes until bomb disposal engineers arrive and defuse the vest.

According to Kirkuk police, the young boy had confessed later on that he had been trained and sent on the mission by his father.

Shortly before he was caught, another young boy blew himself up at Kirkuk’s Wasit neighborhood. The second boy said he was his brother and had both been prepared for the suicide attack by their father.

He also revealed to the police that they were refugees from Mosul.

Video Credits: Youtube – ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ALDEBARAN

Source: rudaw.net

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