Don’t share credit card & personal details in free Wi-Fi which puts risk of being stolen

Over 30% Indians, the highest among 14 countries surveyed, access or share sensitive information using public Wi-Fi putting their personal information like credit card details and work mails at risk of being stolen. The other countries where citizens share such information freely are Mexico (19%) and Brazil (18%).

Findings from a global survey conducted by Intel Security revealed that more than one of three Indians (38%) who went on the vacation with the intent to unplug were not successful in doing so.

“Findings from the survey indicate that a huge majority of Indians (84%) connect to the internet while on vacation. While doing so, they often access and share sensitive information without considering the potential cyber risks of divulging credit card details, work mails and personal information on unsecured public Wi-Fi,” Venkat Krishnapur, Intel Security’s India Development Centre R&D operations head said.

Indians (31%) lead their global counterparts in willingly sharing personal information such as credit card number or log in name and password. More than one out of three Indians (36%) shared their personal data even when they realise that this will make them vulnerable.About 1,423 people in India, aged 21-54 years were interviewed and about 14,000 consumers were surveyed globally.



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