India is going to play 500th Test Cricket – BCCI plans to gather all Indian Cricket Players in one stadium

India’s 500-Test Cricket India’s 500-Test Cricket

Virat Kohli is going to lead the Indian team out at the historic Green Park stadium in Kanpur in what will be the country’s 500th Test match

The game against New Zealand on 22nd September 2016 marks the beginning of a long stretch of cricket at home for India, that will see them play as many as 13 Test matches across four different series.

It took them eighty-four years, but India have made it to the 500-Test mark alright. It has not been a smooth ride. Rarely in their history have India been the finest contemporary side in Test cricket, but they have provided tough competition to the best at times. India are yet to win Test series in Australia or South Africa. India have never achieved a ‘golden age’ the way West Indies had in the 1970s and 1980s or Australia several times before peaking in the 2000s or England in the 1950s. India do not have an overseas record to match South Africa’s; nor did they strike gold as early and consistently as Pakistan have.

Despite everything, however, India have had their moments. They won three consecutive series in the early 1970s, two of them against a very strong England side. They created an aura of indomitability at home starting the 1990s. And they kept rising through the ranks slowly in the past decade, eventually making it to the top of the ladder before coming down with a loud crash. Thankfully, things have turned around yet again.

Sources said – BCCI is planning to make this occasion unforgettable for both Cricketers & Cricket Fans throughout India by inviting all retired Indian Cricket Players to this match. This is really going to be a great game to watch. Stay tuned to NewsToday.Buzz for more updates.


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