Apple will reportedly launch over-ear headphones as soon as second half of 2019

Apple is reportedly working on a high-end pair of over-the-ear headphones to compete with the likes of Bose and Sennheiser.

Apple plans to launch its own branded over-ear headphones as early as the second half of the year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark GurmanGurman briefly mentioned this info in a recent report about Sonos working on its first-ever, high-end over-the-ear headphones. He previously mentioned that Apple’s high-end, over-the-ear headphones could launch this year.

Back in June, Gurman reported that Apple’s premium over-the-ear headphones would be separate from the Beats line. The headphones will be “studio quality” and a “higher-end alternative” to Beats. In case you are not aware, Beats is the same brand which Apple purchased for $3 billion back in 2014.

Gurman also said that the product will compete with the likes of Bose and Sennheiser in the premium headphones market. Just to give you an idea, Bose QC35 headphones cost $349 (or approx Rs 24,744) and over-the-ear headphones from Sennheiser are priced anywhere between $70 and $1699.

According to Bloomberg, Apple intended to launch the headset by the end of 2018, but rescheduled the launch date to 2019 citing “development challenges”. In addition to the new headphones, Apple is also reportedly working on the second-generation AirPods that could be water-resistant and could also feature noise-cancellation.

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Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was the first one to predict that Apple was working on a pair of premium over-the-ear headphones. In his research note (published via MacRumors), Kuo said that they should be as “convenient as AirPods with better sound quality.”

Given that Apple’s AirPods dominate the wireless headphones market, it’s logical to expect a high-end pair of over-the-ear cans from the Cupertino company in the near future. AirPods cost $159, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple’s upcoming over-the-ear headphones to cost less than $350.




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