Apple to launch iPhones 2020 with laser-powered 3D camera for AR features: Report

Apple might be introducing the laser-powered 3D camera in iPhones 2020 which will make the smartphones more powerful in terms of augmented reality. Here’s all we about iPhone 2020.

Apple has just announced its quarterly earnings for the Q1 2018 quarter and while there was a 15 per cent decline in revenue from iPhone sales, it has now been reported that Apple might be planning to introduce 3D cameras with the iPhones 2020 lineup. The iPhones 2019 lineup is months away from its official launch and reports about the iPhones 2020 lineup might be too early to consume.

However, 3D cameras coming to iPhones is, in itself, a very big update as it will be a huge push towards making augmented reality mainstream in the smartphone business. According to a report by Bloomberg, there will be the more powerful 3D camera in the iPhone 2020 while the rear-facing, longer-range 3D camera will be designed in such a way that it will be capable of scanning the surroundings to create its own three-dimensional projection of the real world.

The report further states that the 3D reconstructions in the iPhones 2020 will work up to 15 feet from the smartphone while the current distance at which Apple’s Face ID works is between 25 to 50 centimeters. The 3D camera in iPhones 2020 will also use a laser scanner, instead of dot-projection for long distances.

Apple’s iPhone 2020 lineup is also rumoured to come with a triple rear camera setup, a more powerful chip, enhanced photo-capture tools and more. On the other hand, the laser-powered 3D camera in iPhones 2020 which will make the smartphones more powerful in terms of augmented reality which will also help in accurate depth perception as well as placing virtual objects.

Coming to the iPhones 2019, the upcoming smartphone lineup from Apple is rumoured to come with USB Type-C charging system instead of the lighting port while reports have also suggested that there on-screen Touch ID fingerprint scanner just like the in-display fingerprint scanners found in Android smartphones these days.


Source: https://www.timesnownews.com

(Note: This Story has been completely carried over from https://www.timesnownews.com and apaperboy.com has not edited the content)

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