Airaa Movie Review: Lady Superstar Nayanthara’s Horror Flick Fails to Impress the Critics

Nayanthara who is also called as Lady Superstar of south, has been talk of the town since quite some time. Be it for the films or the recent controversy where Radha Ravi made sexist remarks on her, Nayanthara is in the spotlight. The actress is presently in talks for her film Airaawhich released today (March 28). This was one of the most-awaited films of Nayanthara as it was the first time that she’d be seen in a dual role. Yes, Nayanthara played the role of Bhavani and Yamuna in this Tamil film directed by Sarjun KM. But the kind of hype which was revolved around it, looks like it did not turn to be that impressive. Airaa has apparently failed to impress the critics. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews shared by critics. Nayanthara Is UNRECOGNIZABLE As Bhavani in Airaa’s New Poster – See Pic.

TOI – 2 stars

There’s an air of half-heartedness about Airaa. It wants to be a ghost movie, but it keeps trying to play down the horror elements. It wants to be a tragedy about an unfortunate character, but doesn’t want to become too melodramatic. It wants to be a film with a superstar, but cannot decide if it wants to showcase the star or the actor. It tries to play around with the Butterfly Effect concept to make the revenge angle – a staple of horror films – seem unique, but unfortunately, this attempt backfires.

India Today – 2 stars

The first half of Airaa aims to induce fear in the audience’s mind. But, having watched over 100 horror films in the last few years, the audience has, by now, turned immune to them and it takes a great deal to pull off jump scares today. For any horror film, the backstory plays a major role and Sarjun has crafted a relatable story in Airaa. Airaa’s main drawback is that the director has tried to address several things but he doesn’t delve deep into any of them.

Watch the trailer of Airaa here:

Produced by Trident Arts, Airaa was another women-centric role for Nayanthara. The film’s trailer did grab a lot of attention and the movie fanatics did have a lot of expectations from it. Let’s wait and watch what the actress’ fans have to say.





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