National Hug a Newsperson Day 2019: What is the Day and Here’s How Can You Celebrate It

Theme and Significance of Newsperson Day 2019

One of the most important aspect of our everyday lives is news. We can love it or hate it, but just cannot ignore it. Providing us news everyday are many a talented, dedicated and hard working people who work round the clock to keep us updated about events around the world. But do you know there is a day reserved for honouring newspersons? Yes, April 4 is the National Hug a Newsperson Day. National Girl Child Day 2019: Know Significance And Theme of The Day Empowering Girls.

On this day, we can all take a moment to thank our local or favourite newsperson and give them a hug (only with their permission). And if geography or distance is an issue with you, Twitter and social media is their for your help.One also has the option to send a virtual hug to their favourite newsperson through social media. World Wetlands Day 2019: Importance and Theme of the Day For Nature Conservation and Solution For Climate Change.

All you have to do is send a tweet to your favourite newsperson mentioning why you adore that news professional (brevity is a virtue) and use the tag #HugANewspersonDay with your post. So go ahead, and make a newspersons day by reminding them about the value their work adds to your and society’s life. Remember, appreciating good work is one way of ensuring its continuation.




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